The dramatic bullfight that results in Lydia's coma is one of the most significant scenes from Almodóvar's Talk to Her.

Intense, string-driven music orchestrated by Spanish composer Alberto Iglesias adds a sense of foreboding as Lydia prepares for the bull's entrance. A medium shot of the kneeling Lydia draws attention to her majestic, golden capote. Then the frame cuts to a quick close-up of Lydia's thumb and forefinger rubbing a gold medal. Lydia brings the medal to her lips--in ritual--and then focuses her eyes on the red gate in front of her.

The gate opens--from a bird's eye view--and the bull is released. A following shot focuses on the bull's powerful legs as he kicks up dust as he approaches Lydia. Suddenly, the crowd gasps--Marco stands up--and Lydia collapses. A dust cloud fills the frame and the bull runs off. Lydia's bloody, insensate body is shown from above as helicopter-like music fills in for dialogue.

The bull--now calm--gazes in the direction of his victim. As a group of men lift Lydia out of the bullring, Almodóvar uses a reverse bird's eye view shot to show the downward glancing faces her eyes would have seen. This use of the point-of-view shot reinforces the question of consciousness.
Close-up of medal
Following shot of bull
Dust cloud fills frame
POV shot

One of my favorites: 14e Arrondissement - Alexander Payne


Available under special features on the DVD release, this music video from Run Lola Run shows scenes from the film and features Franka Potente (Lola).

FULL FILM: Daughter from Danang

The documentary is available in full on Hulu.

FULL FILM: The Battle of Algiers

Italian filmmaker Gillo Pontecorvo's disturbingly realistic depiction of the Algerian War for Independence is available in full from Google Videos (duration 2h01m).

FULL FILM: The Scent of Green Papaya

Ahn Hung Tran's 1993 masterpiece is available in full on a Youtube playlist.

Youtube description: This film has been uploaded in its entirety due to the difficulty of finding the film to watch these days, which is not being distributed through out much of the world at the moment. It tells the simple story of a servant girl's life through adulthood in 1950's Vietnam and has some of the best use of music and sound effects ever put to a film.